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Our Team


Tracy Lyten

Director and Conservation Dog Handler

Tracy has over 20 years of business management experience, including 15 years’ at National Parks land management agencies Parks Victoria and NSW Parks & Wildlife.


Tracy specialised in project management, natural values management, stakeholder engagement, community engagement, local port management, occupation health and safety, commercial operations and event management.  


As a dog handler, Tracy was an operational Search & Rescue dog handler for 6 years. Tracy held a position as an Australian Search Dog Framework working group member with the Federal Attorney General’s Department in developing a policy proposal on Search & Rescue dogs in Australia to the Federal Government.  More recently Tracy worked as a conservation detection dog handler, delivering on forestry, wind farm industry and predator control programs in Victoria.

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Fiona Jackson

Director and Conservation Dog Handler

Fiona holds a Masters degree in International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law from the University of Edinburgh.  Fiona's interest in the use of detection dogs for environmental data collection led her to examine the behavioural effects of the dog handler on the performance levels of the trained detection dogs for her thesis paper; The effects of the detection dog handler on the performance levels of the trained detection dog.

Fiona recently completed their Cert.III in Dog Behaviour with the National Dog Trainers Federation.

Fiona is also a member of the Australasian Conservation Dog Network (ACDN) executive committee.

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Nicole Baboucek

Conservation Dog Handler and Ecologist

Nicole is an ecologist with a diverse background spanning local government, private consulting and natural resource management roles. She has gained extensive field experience conducting various flora, fauna and biodiversity surveys across Australia, and holds a Vegetation Quality Assessment (Habitat Hectare) accreditation.

Nicole has a formal certification in animal behaviour and husbandry, and is excited to have the opportunity to combine her love of dogs and passion for the environment in the one role.

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Dr. Stevie Florent, BSc (Hons), PhD

Head of Research and Development

Stevie is a trained scientist, holding a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Conservation Biology of Tasmanian Devils, with majors in Zoology and Botany, and a PhD in Evolutionary & Developmental Genetics. 


Her background also includes work as a Research Assistant, Senior Teaching Associate for undergraduate genetics units, and as a Veterinary Nurse.


At Skylos, Stevie is responsible for the research, planning, and implementation of new Skylos Ecology projects and products. She has extensive experience in data collection & handling, critical thinking, research, and the scientific method, and is excited to be in a role where she can combine her passions of conservation, animal welfare, and science.


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The Skylos Dogs

Jimmy (6 years old)

Jimmy is our superstar rescue dog.  Handler Fiona rescued Jimmy when he was 15-months old.  He's gone on to work on threatened species re-introduction projects, fox management projects, wild dog monitoring projects, as well as his regular wind farm surveying.

Target Scents:


fox scat, dens and scavenge sites.


wild dog scat, hides and scavenge sites.

bird and bat carcasses (wind farm).

Thank you to Jimmy's rescue organisation Paws2Luv

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Oakley (5 years old)

Oakley is a hard working dog.  In his conservation dog career he's already had many highlights and his endurance levels in the field along with his scenting ability make him a fantastic conservation detection dog.

Oakley began his career with a successful alligator weed proof of concept project for Agriculture Victoria.  He's now in his fourth season as an experienced alligator weed dog. As well as invasive species, Oakley works on some of our threatened and native species projects.

Target Scents:


tiger quoll.


alligator weed.

bird and bat carcasses (wind farm).




Raasay (3 years old)

Raasay joined the Skylos Ecology team in September 2019 as a young pup. She's since gone on to complete her training and development at wind farm sites across Victoria and Australia.  As of 2021 Raasay has also been training on spartina anglica, an invasive plant found in coastal areas.  Raasay will be deployed later in 2021 as a spartina anglica detection dog.

Target Scents:


spartina anglica (invasive grass).

bird and bat carcasses (wind farm).


Rex (approx. 4 years old)

Rexy joined the Skylos team in August 2020 as our second rescue dog.  He exceeded all our expectations and quickly became a conservation detection dog by the end of 2020.  He's a fun loving, hard working dog who loves to be out with his handler Fiona.


Target Scents:


bird and bat carcasses (wind farm).

Powerful Owl.


Thank you to Rex's rescue organisation Doggie Moggie Rescue

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Sonny (2 years old)

We rescued Sonny in February 2021.  He's already proved himself to be a great addition to the team and is doing well with his training. Sonny completed his training in August 2021 and is now operational at wind farms and has been deployed on feral cat in the Otways.

Target Scents:      


bird and bat carcasses.

feral cat scat.

Thank you to Sonny's rescue organisation Working Paws Dog Rescue

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