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Utilising conservation dogs for better environmental and economic outcomes.


About Skylos

Based in Victoria, Australia, Skylos Ecology provides highly trained conservation detection dog teams for the collection of environmental data.  


Skylos Ecology works with detection dogs to provide adaptive data collection and monitoring solutions for environmental projects spanning the agriculture, biosecurity, conservation and industry sectors.

At Skylos Ecology we utilise conservation dogs for better environmental and economic outcomes.


Canines have a sense of smell estimated to be between 10,000 - 100,000 times that of humans. Whilst humans have approximately 5 million scent receptors, canines have upwards of 220 million.   


At Skylos Ecology we utilise this incredibly accurate and sensitive instrument to collect data for environmentally-based projects.  Our canines can:


-Detect minute traces of plant and animal species.

-Detect target scents with greater efficiency than human-only spotters.

-Detect with accuracy rates between 80 –100%.

-Search for multiple target scents simultaneously.  


Canine Technology

Adaptive Ecology

Skylos Ecology provides a professional, high quality service to our clients.  Our data collection service is:



With olfactory lobes roughly 40 times larger than a humans, canines can detect a scent that is one part per trillion. Their superior scenting ability coupled with professional training and handling allows for the detection of minute traces of target scents with great accuracy and efficiency.



The data we provide our clients allows for strategic, evidence-based management decisions for better environmental and economic outcomes.



Highly accurate detectability rates and faster surveying times results in a cost-effective data collection and monitoring tool.  

Skylos Ecology PTY LTD

ABN: 28 630 055 524

Victoria, Australia.

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