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Working with conservation dogs for better environmental and economic outcomes.

Skylos Ecology

Based in Victoria, Australia, Skylos Ecology provides highly trained conservation detection dog teams for the collection of environmental data.  

We work with detection dogs to provide adaptive detection solutions for environmental projects spanning the agriculture, biosecurity, conservation and industry sectors across Australia.


At Skylos Ecology we provide highly experienced teams. Our handlers have over 20 years experience in dog training and handling and our seven conservation detection dogs are trained on a variety of animal and plant species, for both threatened species protection and invasive species eradication.

About Us


Conservation Dogs

Conservation Dogs

Conservation dogs can sniff out target scents that are naked to the human eye, underground, in plants or even in water. At Skylos Ecology we utilise this incredibly accurate and sensitive instrument to collect data for environmentally-based projects.  Our canines can:

-Detect minute traces of plant and animal species.

-Detect target scents with greater efficiency than human-only spotters.

-Detect with accuracy rates between 80 –100%.

-Search for multiple target scents simultaneously.  

We work with conservation dogs in unison with other surveillance technologies, including cameras, drones and traps. 


Skylos Ecology PTY LTD

ABN: 28 630 055 524

Victoria, Australia.


Dog Handler Training & Mentoring

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Skylos Ecology is currently developing conservation dog handler training and handler mentoring products. We've been hard at work ensuring a high standard of training will be on offer to those who wish to develop their conservation detection dog skills further.

Our products and services will be aimed at both novice and experienced handlers, as well as small businesses. 

Skylos Ecology will be announcing more later in 2022.

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