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Conservation Detection Dog Australia Victoria

Data Collection

We specialise in data collection. All Skylos Ecology dogs are regularly assessed both internally and independently to ensure our high standards are upheld. Continual maintenance training ensures our detection dogs are performing at their optimal level.

We assess both the dog's ability to safely operate within their working environment and their accuracy and efficiency to detect their target scent.  All our dogs must pass their Safety & Welfare Assessment prior to field deployments. Only dogs that record 80% or higher in their detectability assessment are considered field ready.

In field we use GPS and GIS to record all our data. We consult with clients to determine survey objectives and desired outcomes prior to deployment. We also explore the opportunity to collaborate with other monitoring tools.


As part of our data collection and analysis services, we provide clients with detailed survey maps which includes information on canine tracks, handler tracks, finds, observations, points of interest and any hazards.

We also utilise our in-house trail cameras as an additional data collection method when required.

Conservation Dogs Australia Wind Farms

Safety & Welfare


Skylos Ecology is committed to the safety and wellbeing of our people, dogs, contractors, visitors and clients.
We commit to:

  • Maintaining safe plant and equipment. 


  • Providing written procedures and instructions to ensure safe work practices.   Including annual policy and procedure reviews.


  • Ensuring compliance with legislative requirements to current industry standards. 

  • Instructing, supervising and training employees, contractors and clients to ensure their safety. 


  • Adapting our systems of work to meet project specific requirements.

  • Strive for continuous improvement and best practice in all aspect of safety management.

We care for the environment and the others that inhabit our survey areas.  All our dogs are trained and assessed to safely interact with livestock, wildlife, other domestic animals, people and vehicles.

Conservation detection dog tiger quoll

Scent Development

We are highly experienced in the training of detector dogs for environmental data collection. Our teams can train and develop our detector dogs on additional scents for specific projects. We work in consultation with clients to discuss adding scents to a dog's repertoire. Additional scents are considered in relation to: 

•    suitability of target scent for detector dog (ensuring additional scent does not conflict with dog's current scent repertoire).

•    project specifics (including animal welfare considerations).

•    availability of detection team (canine and handler).

•    availability of training material.

•    potential future uses for target scent.

Our team would be happy to discuss any potential new target species opportunities. 


As part of our recent new development with Raasay on an invasive weed here in Victoria.  We created new training equipment to compliment the target scent training.  A 'scent floor' was developed and allowed Raasay to problem solve on multiple scents in a small area, replicating the field scenario for her.

Conservation Detection Dogs Victoria


Skylos Ecology provides clients with a premium consultation service. Tracy Lyten has over 15 years experience in consultation for land management authorities across Victoria and New South Wales. Skylos Ecology can assist clients in: 

•    program and project planning and management.
•    budget scoping, management and reporting.
•    grant writing and application.
•    community consultation.
•    group facilitation.
•    team management.
•    stakeholder engagement.
•    safety management system development.
•    policy and procedures development.
•    advice and support for works in the natural resource management.
•    communication plans.
•    review policies and procedures annually.
•    adapt our systems to meet project specific requirements.
•    grant writing and applications.


Skylos Ecology PTY LTD

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Victoria, Australia.

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