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Skylos Ecology Mentoring Program

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Skylos Ecology Mentoring Program


The conservation detection dog field is a growing industry.  At Skylos Ecology, we’ve worked on many conservation detection dog projects including threatened species, biosecurity invasive weeds, citizen science and invasive predator monitoring to name a few.  The application of conservation detection dogs goes far beyond this scope alone.  Their potential is endless…


Whilst there are many conservation projects out there that could benefit from a conservation detection dog team, we understand just how difficult getting started in this field can be.  Handling a conservation detection dog requires considerable training and mentoring.  Turning a conservation idea into a fully formed plan requires experience and know-how.  That’s why we’ve created the Skylos Ecology Mentoring Program (SEMP).


Each year, Skylos Ecology will mentor two successful SEMP candidates.  Our skilled team will guide and train the candidates on their specific conservation passion project in an effort to reach their goals through utilisation of conservation detection dogs.


Our SEMP puts conservation first.  All applicants must have a conservation project plan in mind when applying for this program.


Do you have a conservation project that could benefit from a conservation detection dog?

If so, we might have the perfect opportunity for you...





Candidates must have:


  • A conservation project plan/concept.

  • A dog available and suitable for training.


What SEMP candidates will receive?


  • Project planning, development and management.

  • Budget scoping, management and reporting.

  • Grant writing and application assistance.

  • Safety management system development. 

  • Data analysis and report writing.

  • Network access to industry specialists.

  • Detection Dog Training, including

  • control training.

  • animal interaction training.

  • handler training.

  • canine welfare training.

  • scent development training.

  • training objective and planning. 

  • assessment development and training.





We know conservation dollars are premium.  The SEMP is free of charge.  We hope successful candidates, with our guidance and support, will finance their project, with free training and mentoring from Skylos Ecology directors Fiona Jackson and Tracy Lyten.






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